Parallel Session 4


A - Dynamic & Repeated Games

B - Games & Markets I

C - Allocation Problems I

D - Voting


Room – S58

Room – S59

Room – S61

Room – S64


Ekaterina Gromova:

A Game-theoretic Extension for Cognitive Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Till Wagner:

Heterogeneous Players in a Dynamic Model of Speculative Currency Attacks

Elena Molis:

Allocating the costs of cleaning a river: Estimating responsibilities versus incentive compatibility

Huihui Ding:

Voters conformism and policy efficiency


Eugen Kovac:

A simple dynamic climate cooperation model

Simon Hoof:

Oligopolistic competition with differentiated outputs and inputs

Ruud Hendrickx:

Cooperation building structures and order problem representations

Florian Herold:

Strategic Sequential Voting


Mikhail Freer:

Revealed Markov Strategies

Simone Tonin:

Existence and Optimality of Cournot-Nash Equilibria in a Bilateral Oligopoly with Atoms and an Atomless Part

Eric Bahel:

A cooperative game approach to the job scheduling problem

Laszlo Koczy:

Bounds on Malapportionment


Mitri Kitti:

Equilibrium Payoffs for Pure Strategies in Repeated Games

Noemi Navarro:

Experience goods, preference formation and products differentiation

Jesús Montes:

Lorenz-PMAS extendability and convexity in coalitional games

Honorata Sosnowska:

An analysis of jurors’ votes in classical music competitions


Coffee Break


Parallel Session 5


A - TU-games II

B - Mechanism Design II

C - Applications

D - Social Choice


Room – S58

Room – S59

Room – S61

Room – S64


Tomas Kroupa:

Towards Facet Description of the Cone of Exact Games

Ludmila Matyskova:

Bayesian Persuasion With Costly Information Acquisition

María Gómez-Rúa:

Flood prevention in river basins: a game theoretical approach

Mostapha Diss:

Extensions of the Simpson voting rule to the committee selection setting


Stefano Moretti:

Some new results on generalized additive games

Martin Gregor:

Electives shopping, grading competition, and grading norms

Minh Le:

Distributive Politics with Other-Regarding Preferences

Attila Tasnadi:

Dictatorship versus manipulability


Jochen Staudacher:

A Uniqueness Condition for the Gately Point for the Solution of Cooperative Games and Numerical Experiments with the R Package CoopGame

Jan Libich:

When a Compromise Gets Compromised by Another Compromise

Yoichi Kasajima:

Singles monotonicity and stability in one-to-one matching problems

Christian Basteck:

Electing Moderates


Marcin Malawski:

Local marginality of values for TU cooperative games

Christian Trudeau:

Club good mechanisms: from free-riders to citizen-shareholders, from impossibility to characterization

Balázs Sziklai:

Bargaining Power in the European Gas Network

Rafael Treibich:

Trump trumps Bush




Planery Session 2 – Lecture Theatre H24

Paul Klemperer - Multiproduct Auctions and Game Theory

Chair: László Kóczy


Coffee Break


Parallel Session 6


A - Stable Sets

B - Gaming

C - Colonel Blotto

D - Fairness


Room – S58

Room – S59

Room – S61

Room – S64


Ryo Kawasaki:

Weak versus Strong Indirect Domination in the Shapley-Scarf Economy

Peter Duresch:

Measuring skill and chance in games

Dong Quan Vu:

Approximate equilibria of the Colonel Blotto game

Marco Dall'Aglio:

Algorithms in the court: the CREA Project:


Naoki Watanabe:

Farsighted Stability in a Patent Licensing Game: An Abstract Game Approach

Dmitriy Kvasov:

How To Gamble If Casino Is Crooked

Akaki Mamageishvili:

Playing two games

Lars Ehlers:

(Il)legal Assignments in School Choice


Coffee Break


Parallel Session 7


A - Bounded Rationality

B - Values

C - Algorithms


Room – S58

Room – S59

Room – S61


Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano:

Allocating revenues in two-echelon models under bounded rationality

Tamás Solymosi:

Redundant coalitions for the core

Alejandro Saavedra-Nieves:

Sampling methods to estimate the Banzhaf-Owen value


Hitoshi Matsushima:

Framing Game Theory

Wenna Wang:

The Family of Ideal Values for Cooperative Games

Justo Puerto:

On the core and some values of cooperative games with large number of players


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14th European (formerly Spain-Italy-Netherlands) Meeting on Game Theory 16th - 18th July 2018 in Bayreuth, Germany.

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University of Bayreuth, Universitaetsstr. 30,
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